For Fear & misery of the Third Reich:

“Hugo Trebels was superb as the teacher, he and Faye Maughan as his convincingly neurotic wife, terrified that their son was informing on them, and panicking about comments that the child might have overheard, before a rare comic twist”.

Reviewed by Laura Thomas for “”

For Perfecting the kiss:

‘Hugo Trebels is the epitome of writerly pretension”

Reviewed by Thomas Burns Scully for “”

For On the ropes (Spaced 2014):

‘After this, I went to explore ‘On the Ropes’. The shouts and bells were a draw to audiences and there was a definite buzz around the space. It was a boxing ring in which two people were tackling an issue, a story – but it was up to us to choose the outcome. We were offered slips of paper (2 for £1) on which to circle what we wanted the characters to do next: everything from ‘make up’, to ‘do the worst possible thing.’ It was exhilarating and beautifully acted.’
Reviewed by Jade Allen for

‘On the Ropes / Fight or Fuck (Salon Collective) was my favourite; relationships played out in a boxing ring with the observers paying for changes of direction and specific outcomes, all brilliantly improvised.’
Reviewed by Gareth James for ‘Gareth’s Culture and Travel Blog’

For Another hundred people:

“Hugo took on the task of performing Jason Robert Brown’s “Stars and the moon”, traditionally a female vocalist’s song. He managed to be very effective without changing the lyrics – not an easy task!”

Reviewed by Chris Goepfert for Musical Stages Issue 35/36 Winter 2002/2003.

For Privates on parade:
“Hugo Trebels gives Cheng humour, menace and skilful ironic subservience”

Reviewed by John Park for

For The Wild Party
“The 18 strong cast is nothing short of amazing”

Reviewed by Emma Whitelaw for Indie London – Full review:

“… the young cast perform with attractive skill”

Reviewed by Michael Billington for The Guardian

“… a high-kicking, effervescent treat”
Reviewed by Fiona Mountford – Evening Standard