Teaching & Guidance

Hi there,

I provide teaching in various subjects including Song Interpretation, Introduction to the Meisner Technique (for 2 actors) and Beyond Meisner (for 2 Meisner trained actors – Impulse company preferred).

All sessions are based upon my own training and experiences. All I ask is that you approach the sessions with an open mind and heart and I will provide a safe environment for you to learn and to have fun.

An hourly session is £30. The Meisner sessions are £50 for two people. Please do get in touch if you would like any further information.

FYI – for the song interpretation you would need a backing tape or happy to work acapella. I do not offer vocal technique.

I am also doing some Life Coaching and Career Guidance. Having been in this industry I am fully aware of the challenges we face and I have myself relied on Life Coaching and Career Guidance and I am looking to pass on what I have learned. I also suffer from depression and have found that speaking to someone who is just willing to listen and gently nudge you in the right direction is tremendously helpful.

An hourly session is £30 and the first session is only £15 to ensure we can establish a connection and trust under which we can work.

Drop me an email in the first instance and we can have a chat!